How much does it cost?

All our prices are per painter. We charge €65 per hour for face painting. This includes any preparations needed for your event, our travel cost and the time we need to set-up, clean-up and disinfect everything after the event. If you are on a budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll do our very best to accommodate you in any way we can.

What does the price cover?

The price you pay includes everything from start to finish! It includes…

  • The admin time needed to take your booking;
  • The preparation time needed to get everything ready for your event;
  • Any practice of special logo’s or designs required by you;
  • Our travel to you (an extra fee may be charged if we need to travel outside of Dublin);
  • All our equipment used, from painters table and chairs to brushes, glitters, paints and wipes;
  • Set up and clean up time;
  • The time needed to thoroughly clean and disinfect all the equipment before and after your event.

Do you paint at charity events?

We normally provide our services for two charity events a year. At these events all we charge is our travel and product costs, our set-up, painting and cleaning time is donated. If you’d like to be selected to be one of our charities for 2020 please fill in the application form you will find here and email it to

Didn’t get selected? Depending on the event we might still be able to come along and bring some colour to your fundraiser. In this case we just charge a fee per face. Get in touch for more info. 

Are the paints you use safe for children?

We only use face paints and cosmetic glitters of the highest quality which means that they are all hypoallergenic and EU approved and therefore safe to use on children and adults alike. However, it is never recommended to use face paint on children under 2 years of age. This is because their skin is still very sensitive. If your child is under 2 years of age and has had their face painted before without any adverse reactions we can paint something small or alternatively offer to paint something on the hand or arm instead. As with anything it is always possible that a child (or adult) is allergic to some or all of the paints, if you know you are allergic it is recommended not to partake in the face painting activities.

What brands of face paint and glitter do you use?

We use only high quality, professional face paint brands. For a full list, please Click Here.

What locations do you serve?

We are based in Dublin and therefore serve mainly the Dublin area and surrounding counties. In case of special events however, we do serve all of Ireland including Northern Ireland, for a reasonable fee.

How soon should I book?

It is always best to book as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment, but we get many last minute requests as well. We will always try to accommodate you but naturally we cannot guarantee that we’ll have someone available if you contact us very close to the date of your event.

What is the booking process?

When you contact San she’ll take down all the needed information from you like the date and time of your event, the occasion and the expected amount of guests. An invoice will be made up and sent to you and a deposit is then asked for to secure your booking date and time.

If the invoice is paid via bank transfer please send us proof of payment. Once this is received your booking slot is reserved for your event. We usually get in touch a few days before the event just to make sure everything is still on schedule. If there are any changes, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. We normally arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your event to set up and be ready to go for your booked time.

What happens when my painter is sick and cannot make it?

Luckily this has never happened yet. But in the unlikely event that it will happen we will do our very best to send over another face painter in their place. If we are unable to find any suitable replacement you will get a full refund and a discount for your next event.

How do I know how long to book you for?

Generally speaking face painting takes 5 minutes or less per child (or adult). This means that on average we paint between 10-12 faces per hour. However, if the children don’t have their design picked out before it’s their turn or if they are very fidgety it might take a bit longer. Naturally, very detailed designs take longer as well. We generally don’t use a look book as children often like to use their imagination. But if you are under time pressure please make sure to tell us in advance so that we can come up with some speedy designs for your event.

Is face painting hygienic?

To ensure the highest hygiene standard possible we thoroughly clean and disinfect all our paints, brushes, sponges etc. before every event. We never paint over dirty faces, cuts or rashes and we use a solution called BrushBath in our rinsing water to keep it as clean as possible. Our painters use a hand sanitiser to clean their own hands as often as possible between people. So all in all we do our utmost to make sure you have nothing to worry about!

Would you ever refuse to paint someone?

We don’t like to refuse anybody but having said that we cannot under any circumstances paint over cuts, wounds, rashes, dirty faces, sunburn, conjunctivitis, or other similar conditions. If for these reasons we cannot paint someone’s face we try to offer to paint their hand or arm instead. If a child does not want to get their face painted but the parents or supervisors insist we will never value the adults wishes over the child’s.

How do I best wash off the face paint?

Please Click Here to view our detailed washing off instructions.