DF Ireland was set up by San in 2016. San is originally from the Netherlands but moved to Ireland to study Anthropology in 2010. She fell in love with Ireland and an Irishman and decided to settle here.

After working in an office job for several years, San realised it wasn’t for her. When her baby girl was born in 2015 she decided to give in to her creative side and set up DF Ireland.

Starting with face painting for children’s parties, the business quickly grew to also provide face painting for adults, prenatal belly art and face painting workshops for beginners.

As of October 2016 her team has expanded. DF Ireland is now always on the look out for new talent. Training budding artists is now a big part of the job.

‘I love what I do… It’s incredibly special to be invited into someone’s home and be part of their special occasion. It is so rewarding and suits my own family life as I get to spend lots of time with my partner, stepdaughter and baby girl.’


The Team



Founder of DF Ireland, face paint enthusiast and mother of two. San studied anthropology at NUI Maynooth. She has always enjoyed many forms of art and so started DF Ireland in 2015. Happy to be able to spend time at home with the kids and do what she loves. And last but not least very proud of her growing team!



Student and passionate dancer while not working with DF Ireland. Erika loves both facepainting and make-up art. She hopes to study to become a makeup artists when she finishes school. Erika is very enthusiastic and great with kids. She knows how to bring smiles to those little faces and finds it extremely rewarding.




Leigh is a secondary school Art teacher in Dublin. Having graduated from The National College of Art and Design, she has worked for the Irish Museum of Modern Art and is part of the Artist Collective Ceanngaile. Her practice explores a variety of media such as ceramics, textiles, jewellery, costume and makeup. She has lead a number of Art Departments for shows and musicals. Leigh enjoys face painting with DF Ireland on her days off.



Danielle is the newest member to the DF Ireland team. She has successfully finished her face painting training and we’re very happy to have her join us. Danielle has a very bubbly personality which brings instant joy to events. She is currently doing her fashion major at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She loves face painting, especially for Halloween and she can’t wait to be part of your event.







Luisa is a Textile Design student at the National College of Art and Design. She enjoys working with colours, paint and fabrics, especially styling people. Doing make-up and face painting is one of her passions. She also loves to work with kids. Being creative with them is always great fun!



Maria is a painter with a BSc in Fine Arts  and overall 18 years of experience in Arts teaching both children and adults. Her whole professional life she has focussed on art techniques for paintings, drawings, art restoration work and of course face painting! As a painter she has exhibited her work in Brazil, Japan and several European countries. Her greatest passion is working with children.



Karolina has always been passionate about all areas of art and design.  She loves working with things that allow her to use her creativity. Having recently graduated an art foundation course with Stillorgan College she now pursues a fine arts course with IADT. In Karolina’s own words: ‘I love working with characterisation through face painting, working in this area allows me to pursue my hobby and makes me feel at home with my skills.  It’s great to be part of such a sociable environment!’