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Baby Showers

With the slow signs of spring around us, the lambs and calves in the fields, it seems like a good time to write something about a favourite part of my job… baby showers.
It’s believed the origins lie in ancient India where the expectant mother was ‘showered’ with dried fruits and other gifts known to help the baby grow. These days, baby showers have evolved to often elaborate parties to celebrate the expectant mother and the soon to be born baby.
At baby showers today, you will still see lots of presents for the new mam and baby but the entertainment for party guests is not forgotten about either. ‘Guess the gender’ baby games, ¬†arts and crafts to make a keepsake for the baby and all-things-baby chatter are often part of the scene. Where I come in, and so my personal favourite… prenatal belly art.
This practice too originated in India where expectant mothers had their bumps decorated with elaborate henna designs. Using henna only occasionally, my favourite way to honour this tradition in modern times is with face paint.
The mother to be often enjoys this time to relax and sit back while I tickle her belly with a paint brush. The expecting mam can pick her own design or party guests can pick it for her to keep it a surprise until the big reveal. A photoshoot at the end is incredibly fun but also leaves the new mam with a lovely keepsake to treasure forever.
Progressive belly paintings are gaining popularity too. A ‘growing’ belly painting, or really 3 to 5 separate paintings over the course of the pregnancy resemble the blooming bump and growing baby. Examples of designs are a blossoming branch or tree and a nature life cycle such as caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly.
Traditionally baby showers were for female relatives and friends only, I now see fathers to be and soon to be grandads at these parties too, which I think is lovely. A great way to include the new dad and any older siblings in the festivities is to paint small details from the bump design on their faces or bellies as well. It makes for a lovely family portrait!
If you are having a baby shower or are planning one for a friend or family member have a look at the below sites for inspiration:
Or to book your belly paint artist contact me through:
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