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2 Birthdays = 1 Successful Party

Do you have two kids that are into different things but have their birthdays very close together? You can save yourself time, money and a lot of stress by combing the two into one party. And you don’t have to compromise the fun.

Mermaid Communion and Birthday combination party with Frozen cake

Combination parties can be great, not only for the birthday kids but for the guests too as there’s likely to be something of interest to everyone.

Our pirate and mermaid parties are one of the most popular ones for boy/girl siblings. They tie in together nicely and are lots of fun. It can be great to divide the boys and girls and have them compete in games, as long as both teams end up winning something.

It’s also lots of fun to create a story line for the party that makes all the guests work together. The pirate and mermaid theme allows for beautiful decorations, great games for many different ages and activities for kids with different personalities.

Below I’ve made a list of party theme ideas for combination parties. And if you’d like to have a look at our pirate & mermaid ideas board on Pinterest just click on the picture below!

List of combination party themes:
– Spy Academy
– Circus / Fun Fair
– Pirate & Mermaid
– TV Program Themed (e.g. Sesame Street, Cars)
– Detectives Mystery
– Arts and Crafts
– Disco
– Disney
– Animal
– Great Outdoors
– Science

Pirate Party Bag for the Little Ones

Party activities for boys and girls:
– Face Painting or Tattoos
– Treasure Hunt

– Disco
– Traditional Party Games (e.g. Pass the Parcel)
– Science Experiments
– Arts and Crafts
– Mystery Puzzles
– Scout Style Activities like Building a Fort and (Daytime) Back Garden Camping
– Prize Games like Ring Toss, Hook-a-Duck and Water Gun Shooting
– Cupcake Decorating

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